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  1. I woke up extremely early to go swimming ! Mum was taking us to the fun pool at Towcester as a special treat. I did a huge stretch from head to toe and hopped enthusiastically out of bed. After a light breakfast of cereal we all packed our swimming kits and dashed out to the car. As we sped along the dual carriageway, suddenly we came to a horrendous traffic jam! My brothers and I sighed with disappointment, we all desperately wanted to get to the pool. We discovered the jam was caused by a lorry that had spilled its load of carrots all over the road! Mum got fed up with sitting in the traffic and violently swerved off the dual carriageway and onto the back road, squashing a few random carrots along the way! We finally arrived at the pool half an hour later, better late than never! 🙂

  2. My Favourite Tudor.
    My favourite Tudor is Henry viii . He is my favourite Tudor , because he had six wives. He divorced 2 , beheaded 2 , one died and one out lived him. Henry was Henry Tudors son. He had an older brother called Arthur . when Arthur died henry was next in line to be king. He was fat and he only ate meat -not healthy food . So, that’s why he was so fat. The king wanted to have a baby boy ,so he can carry on being king when Henry died. Edward 6th was his only son . Unfortunately , Edward died with the age of 15-17.Henry’s favourite wife was Jane Seymour , because she gave birth to Edward . Henry had three birth children. Their names were Elizabeth 1 , Mary 1 and Edward 6.

  3. One note is an excellent website that helps us with our literacy and shows people what we have achieved in our topics. It allows us to up level each others work, with out having to move to there device! The whole class enjoys using one note for lots of reasons.

  4. One Note makes it easier to write because if we do mistakes we can go back delete what we done wrong also you could pin your work and then go on the cloud easier. And you can find out things that you did not know. The teachers could easily mark your work instead of writing on your book!

  5. More than one makes it harder to write because some people will write on the page that is on. I like One note it helps me because I can delete my things that is a mistake then I can correct it. Its good that you can go on other peoples work so you can correct there work to. the One note puts your work on the cloud wen your dun.

  6. Simon de senlis is an excellent school, to me because the lessons are very clear and fun. My favourite subjects are PE, art and maths. This school has lots of different kinds of technology and sport resorses too.

  7. Simon De Senlis is a brilliant school the teachers are great to work with as well the friendship there is very good no bullies are tolerated here. Lessons are really also fun and you learn lots still at the same time. There are many different topics depending on what the year group is. Sport is called P.E at our school such as cricket, netball and much more others. There are also clubs after school or in school.

  8. Simon De Senlis is one of the best school I’ve been in because there are more subjects to help me learn to progress . Iike sport especially football so there are teachers that help me to be better. We visited holdenby house because of our subject WWII. Also there are more to go which I’m very exited about.

  9. I personally think that our school should get the visit from David Walliams because we are all engaged in reading. Furthermore our school has a whole library full of books and some of those books are written by David walliams. He has inspired me to use hilarious situations in my writing too. Seeing his books made into television programs has painted pictures in my head, which has helped me put my own ideas on to paper.

  10. I love all the Back to the future films and I would like to create my own extension of a television. It will be an estimate of what they might be like in ten years! This television will be like an obedient friend to talk to. For example if you say ‘turn off’ it will turn off right as you say it!

  11. I have five words first I have angle it was a British gold coin.My second word is ark this was a wooden coffer.Next I have the word berm that was the space between a ditch and a wall.Number four is bailey it’s an enclosed courtyard.Lastly I have the word buckler it was a small, usually round sheald.

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