This week in Einstein.

This week, as the sun was out, we thought that we would go outside to learn some Maths.


There was lots of discussion about how to measure angles – where to place the protractor, was the angle acute of obtuse and also a bit of a competition to see who could measure most accurately. The children then applied these skills back in the classroom using a smaller protractor.

The children have also been finding out information this week about living in Africa. They were given some questions to investigate and used the devices to research – collecting their information from reading and watching short film clips.

IMG_3567[1] IMG_3570[1] IMG_3568[1] IMG_3569[2]

“I like finding out the answers for myself.”  Josh.

“I liked using the headphones because it was quiet, a nicer working environment.”  Isabelle.

“I like investigating open questions, the answers are endless.”  Olivia.

“By working together we take turns and share ideas. We get much more work done.”  Gaby and Leah.

“I loved using the headphones. I could hear much better and I had more ideas.” Henry.

“We shared the headphones to watch different films and then shared our ideas with each other.” Sophie and Chloe.

“I like these types of lessons. It was quiet because everybody was working with headphones on and you could choose what you looked at to find out more information.”  Soozha.

Spelling list.

Dear parents

Here is the year 5 and 6 spelling list that has been requested.

Please be aware that these spellings are taught within the spelling rules and not usually in isolation.

Ask the children to highlight the spellings that they have learnt so far this year so that they can continue to practice them at home. Can they remember the rules? How do they learn their spellings? We are always discussing the different ways that spellings can be learnt and they all have some great strategies.

If you have any questions please ask.

year 5 and 6 spelling list

Thank you Maya for typing the list.



Spelling challenge.

Click onto ‘Headteachers Blog’ to find the challenge that Mr Rees set for us today. Remember the first person to respond with a good explanation will get a prize.

Make sure that your spelling and punctuation are correct and that your response makes sense. Good luck.

Playing in Maths!

In year 5 this morning the children were given a set of shapes to ‘play’ with. It was great to hear lots of maths discussions taking place. Here is some of the ‘maths talk’ which took place.

“If you work out the area of the square then the triangle will be half because it is half of the square.”

“If we work out the perimeter of the square, then we know that the rectangle will be half because this side is half of the square.”

“Symmetry is like fractions because you can divide up the shape into equal parts which are the same.”

“Quarters of the square can be a different shape but they must have the same area.”

1/2 + 2/4 = 1

8/4 = 2

1 – 1/4  = 3/4

1 whole and 1/4 is the same as 5/4

IMG_3278[1] IMG_3277[1] IMG_3276[1] IMG_3279[1]

Viking Artefacts

Today, the year 5 children have been busy sculpting Viking artefacts from clay. After some research on the types of artefacts that have been uncovered, the children decided on the object that they wanted to create. A great day to the end of a busy week.



Happy half term everyone.

This week’s key skills.


This week in spellings we are learning about words with the suffix ‘able’ and ‘ible’.

Write the following words into sentences to show your understanding of them. Dojos will be given for interesting sentences that show your learning of fronted adverbials and relative clauses. Ensure that your punctuation is correct.

legible                  adorable               terrible                 possible

forgivable           edible                     disposable           valuable

enjoyable           breakable              reversible            invincible

Maximum of 2 spellings in a sentence.


Following on from the work in class yesterday, you are to investigate products.

Choose 3 or 4 digits and investigate how you can re-arrange the digits to find the highest product (answer). Practice the written methods that you have used this week to show your working out. Is there a rule? Does the rule work with a different set of numbers?

For example; I have chosen  7, 4 and 5.

I am going to work out; 74 x 5, 75 x 4, 45 x 7 etc. to find out which calculation has the largest product (answer) Think about where the digits appear. Does the same rule apply if I choose other numbers such as 8, 9 and 3?

If you need me to explain further come and see me on Monday and we can work through the investigation together.

Terrific times tables games

For last week’s key skills the children made their own times tables games along with written instructions on how to play. I was incredibly impressed with both their imagination and the work they put into creating their games.

Today the children had an opportunity to play and explore a friends game. They evaluated: the presentation of the game; how clear the instructions were; how challenging the game was and their enjoyment of playing the game.

Children’s comments;

“That game was really fun.”

“I liked that I could choose the times table I wanted so that I could practise my 4s.”

“It was really hard. I had to work it out on my whiteboard.”

“We used a timer to make it more challenging.”

“This Maths lesson was the best.”

IMG_3099[1] IMG_3100[1] IMG_3103[1] IMG_3109[1]  IMG_3106[1] IMG_3101[1]Great work year 5s.


Year 5 code breakers

In year 5 we have been learning all about some different types of coding. First we looked at Semaphore, then Morse code and this week we looked at Cipher code. Then children worked collaboratively to crack each others codes.

Upon their request click here to link to the cipher coding website.

Who will be the first 10 year 5 children to crack my code and post the answer here.


Maths key skills

Practise your times tables.

Click on the link below and play the games. Lots of the games are timed so you can really challenge yourself. Make sure that you practise the times tables that you know you need to learn because in class next week we will be having short times tables tests. Write in your key skills book which games you played and which was your favourite.


Can you find some different times tables games on the internet to play and share with the rest of the class.

The Vikings are coming!

Welcome back and happy New Year to all of the year 5 children. It was great to see you all again today and what a day it has been! We had a Viking visitor at SdS today and we have learnt so much.

IMG_2966[1] IMG_2965[1]

We learnt that Isobel was the strongest in the class. She could lift the Viking shield and hold it at arm’s length… It must down to all of the sports that she plays!

IMG_2973[1]  IMG_2972[1]

We learnt all about the clothing that the Vikings wore including their armour… and that the shape of the helmet and the chain mail prevented your head from getting chopped off (although Alex did look a little worried!)

IMG_2975[1] IMG_2977[1]

We learnt why the Viking’s weapons were shaped the way they were (and don’t worry no children were harmed in the making of our Viking day!)

IMG_2990[1] IMG_2989[1]

We learnt lots of information about the Viking long ships and the children asked some great questions.

IMG_2993[1] IMG_3001[1] IMG_2998[1] IMG_2999[1]

We also learnt how the Vikings protected themselves in battle.

A fun day was had by all.

The first 10 children to post their comments on this blog, telling me 3 things that they have learnt today get 2 dojos each.