Balloon Buggies

To finish our Science topic on Forces, Einstein class had great fun this afternoon making balloon buggies.

The children used their Maths skills to measure; their reading skills to follow a set of instructions (without any help from the teacher) and their problem solving skills as lots of growth mindset was needed when the wheels didn’t go round. However, in the end they all moved and a little Christmas decoration was added to some!

Hopefully next week we will be able to race them.



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Just reading.

Einstein class are impressed with the new school library and were excited about being able to spend some quality time reading.

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Reflective thinking.

This week in Einstein class, we have been very reflective about how we interact with others.

We have thought about how calling others names can make them feel like a crumpled piece of paper – it leaves a mark and can never be undone.

Even though we are all different, we need to work together to create the Einstein team.

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Homophone game.

We are learning how to spell different homophones in spelling lessons but more importantly, how to use them correctly in a sentence. The children have been playing the Mr Whoops game. Next week, we are designing and creating our own homophone board games. Everyone has some great ideas.




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Our Science topic this term is all about forces.

This week we have been measuring the pull of gravity in Newtons by using Force Metres.


For your key skills this week you need to research Isaac Newton.

Click on the links below.






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WW2 Quiz

What do you remember from our WW2 topic?

Make sure that you spell your answers correctly.

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Keep practising the times tables.

Keep practising the times tables over half term so that you can beat your Torture Tables score.




Hit the Button

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Evacuees at Holdenby.

Year 5 had a fabulous day at Holdenby House, dressed as evacuees. It was lovely to read the children’s key skills this week to find out what they had learned and which activities they enjoyed the most.


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Welcome to year 5 Einstein class.

Keep checking this blog for information about the learning and key skills taking place this year.

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