A great first week in Einstein class.

The children have impressed me in their first week in year 5.

  • All key skills were completed and we shared Einstein’s and Dyson’s home learning.
  • Super growth mindset demonstrated by the children. One child reported,“I am finding it a bit challenging but I won’t give up.”
  • Great enthusiasm for our first topic of ‘Rivers’.
  • Fantastic curious learners in Science, where we are learning about the water cycle, where lots of thoughtful questions were asked.

Looking forward to the next week.

Don’t forget that reading records and key skills need to be handed in on Wednesday. At least 3 reading events need to be recorded and there is a key skills club, in the classroom, on Tuesday lunchtime for anyone who needs help.




One thought on “A great first week in Einstein class.

  1. Hi, I’m from Ecton Brook Primary. I wanted to ask have you found the little green man from the flying saucer that landed in your field?

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