Spelling challenge.

Click onto ‘Headteachers Blog’ to find the challenge that Mr Rees set for us today. Remember the first person to respond with a good explanation will get a prize.

Make sure that your spelling and punctuation are correct and that your response makes sense. Good luck.

Playing in Maths!

In year 5 this morning the children were given a set of shapes to ‘play’ with. It was great to hear lots of maths discussions taking place. Here is some of the ‘maths talk’ which took place.

“If you work out the area of the square then the triangle will be half because it is half of the square.”

“If we work out the perimeter of the square, then we know that the rectangle will be half because this side is half of the square.”

“Symmetry is like fractions because you can divide up the shape into equal parts which are the same.”

“Quarters of the square can be a different shape but they must have the same area.”

1/2 + 2/4 = 1

8/4 = 2

1 – 1/4  = 3/4

1 whole and 1/4 is the same as 5/4

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