Terrific times tables games

For last week’s key skills the children made their own times tables games along with written instructions on how to play. I was incredibly impressed with both their imagination and the work they put into creating their games.

Today the children had an opportunity to play and explore a friends game. They evaluated: the presentation of the game; how clear the instructions were; how challenging the game was and their enjoyment of playing the game.

Children’s comments;

“That game was really fun.”

“I liked that I could choose the times table I wanted so that I could practise my 4s.”

“It was really hard. I had to work it out on my whiteboard.”

“We used a timer to make it more challenging.”

“This Maths lesson was the best.”

IMG_3099[1] IMG_3100[1] IMG_3103[1] IMG_3109[1]  IMG_3106[1] IMG_3101[1]Great work year 5s.


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