The Vikings are coming!

Welcome back and happy New Year to all of the year 5 children. It was great to see you all again today and what a day it has been! We had a Viking visitor at SdS today and we have learnt so much.

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We learnt that Isobel was the strongest in the class. She could lift the Viking shield and hold it at arm’s length… It must down to all of the sports that she plays!

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We learnt all about the clothing that the Vikings wore including their armour… and that the shape of the helmet and the chain mail prevented your head from getting chopped off (although Alex did look a little worried!)

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We learnt why the Viking’s weapons were shaped the way they were (and don’t worry no children were harmed in the making of our Viking day!)

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We learnt lots of information about the Viking long ships and the children asked some great questions.

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We also learnt how the Vikings protected themselves in battle.

A fun day was had by all.

The first 10 children to post their comments on this blog, telling me 3 things that they have learnt today get 2 dojos each. 

16 thoughts on “The Vikings are coming!

  1. Three things that I have learnt about the Vikings!

    *They have two different types of axes.
    *The long ships can fit at least 40 people.
    *The Vikings put the metal stuff over there heads to stop weapons cutting through.

  2. I have learnt that the Vikings came from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
    Lady’s make milk by bashing a wooden stick in a container.
    they fist attacked Brittan in AD (after death) 793.

  3. I really enjoyed having the Viking man in because he made us laugh and I enjoyed these things most of all, when we had the foam spears thrown at us, when we saw the ship he made and when he made us jump everyone laughed so hard when he made us jump.

    From Chloe Freeman

      • *I learned that the metal chainmail protects your neck from getting chopped off.
        *I’ve learnt that the shield’s were very heavy.
        *And that you have the captain has a helmet what covers her or his mouth but the others don’t.

        from Chloe Freeman

  4. I have learnt that Vikings had a soft padding then a metal chain and helmet. Vikings could fit 40-60 men in one boat. Vikings came from Denmark, Norway, Sweeden and Finland. The name Viking means pirate raid.
    From Maya.Xx

  5. I had a great time, the three things that I learnt were: The first Viking King was called Gorm, one of the pieces of armour was called chain mail and it goes on your head, If you were born with problems you were killed!

  6. I learnt that Viking meant pirate raid in an old language called Old Norse
    The second thing I learnt was that they would wear a protective gear called a chainmail
    The third thing I learnt was that Vikings were from Scandinavia
    And that is the three things I leant about the Vikings
    From JJay

  7. I had a great day I learnt
    The vikings use axes as well as swords
    longboats can hold up to 40 to 60 people
    It takes 1 year to chew enough seal skin to make the string

  8. Three interesting points about Vikings I have learnt this week is:

    * Lindisfarne is also known as Holy Island which was one of the first places the Vikings raided in UK.

    *You can fit 40-60 men into one Viking boat.

    *Vikings came from Demark, Sweden, Norway, Finland.

    *The word Viking is also known as a pirate raid.

  9. The Viking day was awesome. I found out that boys trained for war when they were 5 years old . That they wore knife proof chain mail so they could not get stabbed. They had a dragon head on there ship to scare people. They had shields to defend themselves from getting killed. That the first Viking King was Robert.

  10. Three things I have learnt about Vikings.

    1. Vikings wore lots of layers to protect them in battle. These included chainmail and leather.
    2. Vikings used different axes for different things. One of the axes was used if someone blocked you, you would use the hook at the bottom of the axe to pull away the shield and then attack your victim.
    3. The dragon at the front of the Viking long ship was used to scare their enemies. They also put fire in the dragon’s mouth to scare their enemies even more.


  11. I learnt that that the Vikings were from Sweeden,Denmark,Norway and Finland.
    Also that they wore metal armour which looks like netting before they put on their helmet,and finaly that the Vikings long boats could fit 40 to 60 Vikings.

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