Super Science

We have been investigating different materials, thinking about their properties and their uses. This week the children were set the task of separating some materials that were all mixed together but they were not allowed to use their hands to pick anything out of the bowls. Thinking about the properties of the materials, the children decided to use sieves, magnets and filtering. We then investigated which material made the best filter and we had a competition to see whose water was the cleanest.

IMG_2845[1] IMG_2843[1] IMG_2841[1] IMG_2847[1]

A great investigative lesson with an interesting discussion about how to separate salt and water. The children remembered what they had learnt about the water cycle and some great questions were asked – Why does the sea not evaporate? Why is the sea salty when the rain and the rivers that flow into it are not? Well done Olivia who investigated these questions further at home and brought in her research on Friday to show me.

Super Scientists in Einstein class (it must be the name!)