Year 5 key skills.

Half term key skills.

Maths – rounding and adjusting to help addition and subtraction mental methods. Make up a number and use the spinner to determine the operation. At least 10 questions and answers please.

Literacy – Show your learning of when to use a apostrophe to show possession.                     Write 10 sentences with apostrophes used correctly.

Where should the apostrophe be placed in the following sentence;

The childrens shoes were left in the classroom.

Spelling – Keep learning the spellings from last week’s blog.                                                       Remember look, cover, write, check.

Reading – Remember to record at least 3 reading events in your reading log this week with an adult signature.

I hope you all have a great half term and stay safe. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again in a weeks time.


Spelling list for this week.

We have been learning words ending in the sound ‘shus’ spelt either ‘cious’ or ‘tious’. Following is the word list for learning this week.

vicious                                      precious
conscious                                delicious
malicious                                 suspicious
cautious                                   ambitious
infectious                                 fictitious
nutritious                                 conscientious


Another busy week.

Lots of learning in year 5 this week. In Maths we have been rounding and the children have really enjoyed playing the rounding game. We continued reading and discussing The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo which led to drama and writing dialogue on OneNote. The children are loving the story and can’t wait until the next instalment… what will happen to the white lion cub if Bertie goes to school in England?

To practise rounding click here.

IMG_2745[1] IMG_2748[1] IMG_2751[1]  IMG_2759[1] IMG_2761[1] IMG_2716[1]

Get lost in a book.

On Friday the year 5 children were welcomed into the reception classes to present a new book to their reading buddy. They spent 10 minutes reading to the younger children and discussing the book. A great time was had by all and these pictures show the engagement and enjoyment that a good book can bring. Einstein class will be sharing a book with their buddies from Simba class every week from now on and they are very much looking forward to it.

IMG_2657[1] IMG_2654[1] IMG_2652[1]IMG_2658[1]