Our day as wartime evacuees.

We all had a great day at Holdenby House today. Dressed as evacuees the children learnt all about rationing and how much food one person was allowed in a week. Then we helped in the kitchen.

IMG_2594[1]  IMG_2596[1] IMG_2597[1]

We learnt all about clothes rationing. Did you know that you would have to save clothing coupons for 2 years for a new pair of shoes and 5 years for a new winter coat! We then helped to make pom poms and a rag rug. We also cut out cardboard insoles to make our shoes last longer.

IMG_2600[1] IMG_2603[1] IMG_2604[1]

We also found out what a solider kept in his kit bag.


Look at how dark it is in the cellar which was used to shelter people from the bombs.


At the end of the day we sang wartime songs and learnt the actions to run rabbit run before we embarked on the journey to our new homes.


Great costumes, great children and a great day had by all. I am now looking forward to learning more about this period in history. Thank you to everyone involved.

A super week of learning.

We have had a creative week in Einstein class. We welcomed Deb Watson in to our class where she taught the children watercolour skills.

IMG_2582[1] IMG_2584[1] IMG_2583[1]

We are also working really hard on place value and the children have become so much more confident in reading and writing bigger numbers. They can say how much each digit represents and some children can read numbers up to and beyond a billion!!

IMG_2566[2] IMG_2560[1] IMG_2579[1] IMG_2580[1]


River walk

Year 5 had a great morning on our river walk and we managed to miss the rain!

The children impressed the adults with their knowledge; identifying a tributary and a confluence on the river Nene. We were lucky enough to be allowed into Mark Darling opticians on St Leonards Road to see pictures of the 1998 flood and a marker which showed how high the water got. It was an exhausting but fun morning.

I bet the children will sleep well tonight!



A great week in Einstein class.

Well done to all of the year 5s for surviving a busy week. We have been learning about recounts, sorting features which always, sometimes or never appear.

IMG_2522[1]  IMG_2520[1]

We have started to learn about the water cycle and are beginning to know geographical vocabulary related to rivers such as; mouth, source, meander and tributary. We have also had our first swimming lesson, first P.E. lesson with Mr Wainwright and some of us have managed to create an Office 365 account. WOW … all this work in the first week!

I am looking forward to another busy week next week and seeing the children’s key skills work.

See you on Monday.

A great start to year 5.

Well done to the new Einstein class for their fantastic holiday key skills work. We shared our learning with each other and then we shared with Dyson class. So by the end of the day not only did we know lots of information about Albert Einstein but James Dyson too!

IMG_2512[1] IMG_2513[1] IMG_2514[1] IMG_2515[1] IMG_2517[1]

Look at all of the interesting facts Einstein class remembered about James Dyson!


I hope that the children have enjoyed their first two days in year 5 as much as I have.

Mrs Cox