Y5 African Algebra!

This week in maths we looked at picture puzzles linked to our African topic. We had to be detectives and try to find out the value of each animal (Miss Coade said this was a form of algebra which is when numbers are represented by pictures or letters).

The first two examples are taken from worksheets we completed in class. We found that the trickiest part was finding the starting point (clue – look for a row or column that has three of the same animal!)

Once we had finished, we were then challenged to complete our own examples. Using the Windows 8 devices we researched African animals and completed the puzzle. Finally we took away some of the information although not too much as it would be impossible to solve. Can you challenge yourself and try to complete one of the puzzles? The final two are examples created by Y5 pupils.

model 1 model 2 own 2 own puzzle

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