Year 3 presentations – reduce, reuse, recycle rubbish!

This afternoon we were visited by some children from Rowling class who informed us on an issue that has arisen through their work on The Enchanted Kingdom. When looking at their realm, The Fantastical seas, they noticed that there was an issue that they needed to explore. This issue was litter. They explained that the litter we leave around causes pollution which as a result leads to the death of animals. The presentation by the Year 3 children (Hannah, Om, David and Mune) was sensational. Every moment was educational, informative and inspiring. They went around the local area and collected litter. The amount they collected in 20 minutes was very disappointing and heartbreaking to see. Towards the end they told us the different ways they could make a dent in the universe and prevent this from happening. They went over to Tescos to look at the different coloured bins and have written a letter to Mr Rees appealing for a bin to be put on the field. We can’t wait to see what happens next!


Y5 African Algebra!

This week in maths we looked at picture puzzles linked to our African topic. We had to be detectives and try to find out the value of each animal (Miss Coade said this was a form of algebra which is when numbers are represented by pictures or letters).

The first two examples are taken from worksheets we completed in class. We found that the trickiest part was finding the starting point (clue – look for a row or column that has three of the same animal!)

Once we had finished, we were then challenged to complete our own examples. Using the Windows 8 devices we researched African animals and completed the puzzle. Finally we took away some of the information although not too much as it would be impossible to solve. Can you challenge yourself and try to complete one of the puzzles? The final two are examples created by Y5 pupils.

model 1 model 2 own 2 own puzzle

Alien To Us NASA Investigation – By Emily Jane, Thomas and Kieran (Y5)

Recently we have been learning planets Mnemonics in science. We were researching Venus we came across something that seemed very odd… Particles called H2S and S02 are not, or never have found together, until we researched Venus’s atmosphere further. Now when these two particles were found together it occurred to us that perhaps Venus was producing these. Therefore there is possible life on Venus, we didn’t know until now. Venus is a very mysterious place that we don’t know of that much of, but we are trying to change the world. If this theory is true then Simon de Senlis could potentially be famous. What about you, do you have any space theory’s? Now after all this research we have decided that with a little help from Mr Rees, Miss Haigh ,Mr Wainwright and Miss Coade that we are going to write to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and explain our ideas , thoughts and evidence. Our aim is to get a reply from NASA which will hopefully state that this is a new founded theory that will be tested. Even if this does not work it would still honour if NASA replied. If you have any feedback comment below or come and see us.

Emily-Jane , Thomas  and Kieran

Year 5 Einstein

#NPATEK – Visitors from the Alien Sands

Deep in the heart of the Namib desert lives the Shovel Snouted lizard. In Year 5 we have looked closely at this creature when learning about the Alien Sands. On Monday, Sam’s Species visited Simon de Senlis and brought along some visitors for us to meet. They live in similar conditions to the Shovel Snouted Lizard and have adapted to survive in the harsh habitats of the desert. Can you name any of the species below?