#NPATEK – Key skills homework ‘My Alien Experience’

This week Einstein class ideated their initial reactions to The Alien Sands. After a long discussion, the majority of the children came to the conclusion that it was a metaphor to describe the unknown surroundings and creatures which live within this enchanted realm. Tom gave an excellent definition and explained that when something is alien, it normally means it has not been experienced before.

In Literacy today Year 5 wrote a recount of an alien experience they encountered this week – their workshops! Suddenly they were asked to deliver lessons instead of listening to them and prepare resources instead of completing them. Miss Coade even found the experience very alien.

Your key skills is to describe in detail another experience that was alien to you. It may be a new concept in Numeracy, or visiting a new place. The list is endless! Please comment below by next Wednesday. The recounts written will be on the blog soon so keep checking

Miss Coade

7 thoughts on “#NPATEK – Key skills homework ‘My Alien Experience’

  1. A few weeks ago, I experienced flight inside a cylinder building full of air. It was madness! I wore a selection of unusual clothing and equipment to keep me safe during my flight into the unknown. My outfit included overalls, safety goggles, helmet and earplugs. I had to be trained how to cope in the alien atmosphere within the cylinder.
    As I stepped into the strange and magical environment, feelings and thoughts awoke in my mind. Will I survive this? What will happen to me? Will it be adventurous? Suddenly I grabbed my guide who led me to the beginning of my flying experience. I floated aloft, trying to keep my legs straight and my arms bent whilst the air angrily pushed me upwards. I felt free as a bird, floating and hovering above the world.

  2. When I used to live on the Isle of Wight we had to move up to Northamton because my dad works in London and we hardly got see him so we and to move to Northamton. The first day I joined SDS I was very nerves and worried and I diden’t talk to anyone on that day. And a teacher told me what class I was in and I was in Yr3. In the afternoon a teacher came and showed me around the school to see what there was and what it is like and told me there was nothing to be worried about. The next day I was more conferdent and wasn’t that scared and I started to talk to other people and I started to play with people. So that is my alien experience.

  3. My Alien experience is when I went to Castle Ashby with my Cousins my Mum and my Auntie. That day we had a picnic on the soft, dry, green grass and we explored the grounds and gardens. As we walked through the gardens we came across a courtyard. As we strolled in we ran straight to the animals. First we discovered the monkeys. Then we ran over to the big rabbits before they went to sleep. After that we were all called over to look at the meerkats. As we looked in the cage and my face was wowed. I had just seen baby meerkats. They were hugging each other tightly like a whole family, they were running about and chasing each others tails. I suddenly fell in love with baby meerkats.

  4. Today I made something alien like. I made a shamballa bracelet. At first I found it a bit hard. Soon I got use to it and I started to find it easy, in fact I started to find it really easy. Later on I made a shamballa necklace! I found that very easy. It was the first time I have made them, that’s why it was alien like to me. It was much easyer making the necklace then the bracelet I haven’t made the earrings yet that will be a nother story.

  5. My alien experience.

    The alien thing that happened to me was that I went on a plane being able to remember it! As big as a whale the plane stood there waiting to start it’s long, thrilling and tierering journey. Once I got on the plane I started to shiver with exitment as the sun shone through my window. It was time to begin the four hour ride! Although it was four hours it seemed like one hour, since I was so occupied. When the plane was close to it’s landing beautiful hills, mountains and amazing houses with pools apierd! I had never seen anything like it before despite being able to see houses every day! I had set foot in a place I had never been to before…

  6. My Alien experience…

    This week I became familiar with the word ‘Textbook’. In Guided reading Miss Coade, Sarah, Oliver, Thasnim, Sarinah and I was reading a fact file and came across the word ‘Textbook’. The words meaning is typical.

    and that was my AlieN experience

  7. Well recently I have found may things that are Alien to me. However my most overpowering view is that I have found new desire to discover. Weather it is in maths and solving a new problem. Or maybe literacy with a new sentence technique? Whatever it may be I am always ready for a new challenge. This new refreshing feeling is Alien to me but in a very good way

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