#NPATEK – Year 5 Expert workshops (Geography of Africa) 

After learning all about Africa last term, today Year 5 became the experts and led workshops around the school. They designed, planned, resourced and delivered areas of Africa they were interested in. Key questions were used and WAGOLL shown. Miss Coade is really worried about her job!

How many times do you think England would fit into Africa? Visit http://www.oxfamblogs.org/education/mapping_our_world/mapping_our_world/07-Howmanytimes/howmanytimes.htm to see! Today some children found out, as well as learning the different countries within the continent Africa. They then pieced it all together like a giant jigsaw! Did you know that you could fit all of the United States, Chine, India and most of Europe inside Africa? Look below at the image this group found!


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