Literacy Key skills

This week we launched our ‘Grow a £’ unit where, over the next few weeks, we will be looking to make as much money as possible to go towards funding animal protection in Africa. Over the weekend I would like you to think carefully about your business idea. What is going to be low in set up costs and high in profit? Once you have thought of your concept, why not carry out some market research and find out who your potential customers may be? What would they pay for the product/ service? This will help you with your business plans next week

See you Tuesday!

5 thoughts on “Literacy Key skills

  1. I am exited about our new topic. I really hope we can acheive our goal. I am just wondering if £1 is going to be enough. Our goal is to raise money for the animals in Africa. Lots of people in year5 have already thought on what they are going to do for example:car wash,nail painting,bakesale and many more. The excitment in year5 is building up as the days go past.

  2. My business idea is to muck out stables at the yard where I keep my ponies. I would charge the people £2 to make as much money as I can, I already have all of the equipment so I have no expenditure.

  3. Gabriel and I thought of doing a car wash because there are lots of car needing a wash,and Gabriel could dance for entertainment and the price could be 1£ and the wash is 2£.If you had a bucket at home and no us-full sponges, soap or napkins you could use your pond to get them and if you didn’t have enough you could as your partner to use a bit of there pound.

  4. I was really exited for grow a £1and I still am! Me and Daniela raised £9.00 from our business and tomorrow (12/05/15) we will be selling our products.
    10p 1 sherbet
    20p 1 chubba lolly!

  5. To begin with me and Jaylin would have two pounds and with that money we could get a bucket and a few sponges to do car washing. But that means only one person could wash cars but once you get another pound you could get another bucket so then you both could be doing work and we could earn more profit.

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