SDS E-safety week – Day 4. No technology day!

Uses of technology: YouTube, apps, teaching, browsing the internet, communication, design, gaming, 0365, education, research, social media, homework

Imagine if we didn’t have the internet to help us do these things? Today at Simon de Senlis we did exactly that and turned off all technology.

  • Paper registers were taken instead of using SIMS
  • We read a book instead of completing a task on the whiteboard when we came into school
  • In Literacy, Miss Coade had to use the whiteboard to write on instead of the projector
  • We couldn’t use 0365
  • Surveys for E-safety were completed on paper instead of online
  • We gave messages to the office staff instead of using the phone
  • Miss Coade couldn’t use her mobile during lunch or break!

Here are some of the Year 5’s thoughts on the day

“Before I came to school today I thought it was going to be really boring but now I know it’s not so bad without technology” – Thasnim

“It actually gave me a headache because I am so used to learning with a device” – Tom

“People think the world revolves are technology. I was one of those people but I have now realised we can carry on without it” – Gabriel

“I really enjoyed today and escaping from technology even though it was a bit tricky sometimes.” – Millie

“No buggy – just like taking us back to the 70’s” – Daisy

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SDS E-safety week Day 4 – What are the health risks of too much technology?

WIN_20150521_155705After ideating in small groups, we collected some of our ideas together as a class of what could happen if we used too much technology.

  • Will result in lack of exercise
  • Cut off from developing social skills
  • Struggle to see the line between reality and fantasy
  • May become addicted
  • Not being able to eat/ drink regularly
  • May lead to arguments with our families
  • RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Bad back and posture
  • Affects sleep –> become grumpy, tired or sad
  • Eye strain not blinking enough
  • Dehydration
  • Dangers
  • Becoming frustrated
  • Memory loss
  • Causes headaches
  • Fits/ seizures
  • Lack of sunlight/ fresh air
  • Violent behavior

SDS E-safety week Day 3 – The E-safety work shop

This morning the whole of Year 5 attended an E-safety work shop with a man called Simon. He told us how safe you had to be on the internet and informed on the age limits for social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, what’s app and many more. For most of them you had to be 13 and over. Everyone was asking questions about e-safety. We asked so many question we didn’t even get to do the work sheet.

Things to think about – How many different ways can you communicate with someone on the internet? What do you need to remember? If you were going to upload pictures of yourself to the internet how can you make it as safe as possible? Where have you been online in the last week? Don’t forget about playing games, social media and apps.

By Naveen (Year 5)WIN_20150520_090324

Science with Mrs Haigh

Yesterday in Science with Mrs Haigh we recreated the surface of the moon with flour and coco powder. We dropped some pegs into the mixture and removed them at the end of the lesson to see that it had still left a mark! This is similar to what happened when the first man, Neil Armstrong, landed on the moon. Still to this day, his footprints are engrained onto the surface of the moon because there is no wind or weather to remove it. His famous words will also last a lifetime: One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Neil Armstrong has literally made a dent in the universe! He must have been over the moon! 🙂

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender[1]



SDS E-safety week – Day 2. How can pupils at SDS stay safe online?

Today we looked at the current rules which are in place at Simon de Senlis to help keep children safe online. Year 5 then discussed ways in which they could be improved to make them more relevant and address current issues affecting young people today. Here are some of their suggestions below. We used the purple pen of power (or purple font of power) to document the changes. Can you add any of your own?

e-safety rules

SDS E-safety week – Day 1

Today was the launch of E-safety week at Simon de Senlis! We started off with an assembly led by the Digital Leaders who told us the importance of being safe on the internet before launching the E-safety competition. All posters need to be handed into Miss Coade by Friday at the latest. As we are also looking at the Health and Safety of the use of computers, Thursday will be a ‘Technology free day’ – are you up for the challenge?

Later in the day, children used to create their own Avatars. Instead of using a picture of yourself online, create an avatar to keep yourself safe. Miss Coade even had a try herself! Why not have a go?


This website offers a chance for you to see how long it would take to crack a password. Ideally, a secure example would include a mixture of capital letters, numbers and something which is not linked to you e.g. Your name. Below are some examples that year 5 came up with. Can you think of some of your own and share in the comment section?

  • Password: Instantly
  • Starspot12345 -A million years
  • StarNaveen12345 – 6 billion years


Year 5’s definition of E-safety

E-safety is about being safe on the internet and preventing people from getting hurt. Being aware of the dangers is really important and if you see something that upsets you must tell an adults. Having too many details available for people to see could lead to danger and people knowing where you live.  Sometimes the internet makes it so easy to hand out information without even realising it. Would you walk down the street and give out pictures of yourself? Or tell them all of your personal information? NO! Then why do it over the internet? Through computing we have learnt about age appropriate sites and the age limits for social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Most of these have a minimum age of 13 or 14. This is so young children and adults are protected from people they don’t know.



#NPATEK – Emergency Assembly



There was a lot of confusion and excitement at Simon de Senlis this afternoon as a mystery package arrived on the field. Witness’ state that they saw a brightly coloured object fall from the sky around 2pm this afternoon. After gathering in the hall, it was revealed that the children of NPAT were soon to be embarking on a mystery journey to an Enchanted Kingdom!


18th May 2015

Northampton Primary Academy Trust

To the Staff and Children of Simon de Senlis

You are invited by Northampton Primary Academy Trust to embark on an adventure to an Enchanted Kingdom in faraway lands.

Your journey will start on Monday 1st June when you return to school after the half term holiday. You will need to come to school on that day dressed as an explorer and prepared for all eventualities.

To help you prepare, we have included some items in this package that should help. Please discuss what you think you will need to bring along with your classmates, teachers and people at home.

Let the adventure begin……….…

Yours sincerely



So many questions which need answering!

  • Where did this package come from?
  • Who does the exploring equipment belong to?
  • Where is the Enchanted Kingdom?
  • What will we find there? Who will we find there?
  • What task do we need to complete?
  • How can the other schools of NPAT help us?