Literacy Key Skills – Collaborating in O365

This week we continued looking at comparing and contrasting countries within Africa. Did you know that it is so large that the UK fits into Africa 36 times? Visit the link below to look at a visual representation of this. With this in mind, it is obvious that there would be many different landscapes and climates throughout the continent.

For your homework this week I would like you to complete the work started in Thursday’s session. You have your area of focus, along with the four countries selected which you are using to compare. E.g. How does the climate vary between Egypt, South Africa, Kenya and Chad? Complete you area of the table on the collaboration section of O365 before next Wednesday.

Miss Coade

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Just a reminder that Groups 1 and 2 will be starting their Bikeability tomorrow.

You will need to bring your bikes in the morning, along with a helmet. Please store them in the cones marked out on the playground (right hand side of the shed as you go through the gates). Remember to dismount your bikes as you come into the school grounds and push them to the playground. Do not ride them through the car park or the school site. 

Year 5

Groups 2 and 4 – Wednesday

Groups 5 and 6 – Thursday

Morning Blogging work – The Village that Vanished

In Literacy , as part of our ‘Going Places’ and ‘Stories from other cultures’ units, we are looking at The Village that Vanished which is a story set in Africa.


Using what you have already read so far, what do you predict will happen in the story? How do you think it vanished? What characters do you think were involved? If it has in fact vanished, do you think the village will ever reappear? If so how? Refer back to your personal targets and check for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Tasting a bit of Africa

In Year 5 we had a variety of different African foods and drinks to experience. Tasting a bit of Africa was quite unusual because it tested 0ur taste buds! Included in the samples were: Plantain chips (made from dried banana), Yam, spicy rice, beans, sweet bread and a type of fish soup. There were two different extremes of tastes – very spicy and very sweet! Everything was sensational!

  • “When I had the rice it took a few seconds for the spice to kick in!” – Oliver
  • “When I first had the rice it was really spicy, but after I wanted to eat more of it” – Millie
  • “After eating the sweet bread, it tasted so sweet that I wanted all of it” – Glory
  • “At first when I tried the chips, it tasted like a fortune cookie, but towards the end I could taste the banana sensation” – James
  • “I really liked the drink called Super Malt and it made me want more”– Indy
  • “The first time I took a gulp of the Super Malt and I liked it but then it got too sweet for me” – Daisy

Towards the end of the afternoon, Mrs Haigh visited Einstein class to sample some of the delicacies. She bravely tasted all of the dishes and enjoyed them! Take a look at some of the photos below…


Numeracy Key Skills – Converting Measures

This week we have been looking metric units of measurement and converting between them using partitioning. Using the table below, how many facts can you make? (think back to the factboxes we made in lessons) Can you add them in the comment box below?

Learn the conversions between m and km. Ask someone at home to ask you questions (You could even challenge them!) Next week you will be tested on this unit of measure. E.g. how many km is 1200m? How many m is 2.3km?



Literacy Key Skills – Africa OneNote

Yesterday was the start if our topic on Africa, where we devised questions based on information we wanted to find out. We then grouped these into ‘bingable’ and ‘non bingable’ questions before finding the answers as a class.

For your Literacy Key Skills this week, you need to visit the OneNote on O365 and add three more bingable questions. You will then need to find the answers and write them in the next column.

Due in : Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Blogging task – Morning Work

This week we have begun our new topic ‘Going Places’ where we are taking an in depth look at the life and culture within the continent of Africa.

For morning work this week, we would like you to describe a place that you have been to which holds a particular memory for you.  Can you describe the moment you arrived? What was it like? What did you see? Who else was there at the time? Give a detailed recount so that it makes the reader feel they have visited that particular place with you. Refer back to your personal targets and check for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.