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Above is the link for the Microsoft blog at Simon de Senlis. You will find Emily-Jane’s recent post on how OneNote has helped her in the classroom. Since this was published, it has gone Global and reached the desk of Eran Megiddo, who is in charge of the OneNote creative team in America. She posted the following comment:

Hey there Emily-Jane, my name is Eran Megiddo and I am lead the team at Microsoft that develops OneNote. I stumbled across your post the other evening and really enjoy reading it. It always makes us happy to hear of how the products we build help people and especially students get things done.

If you have any feedback for the OneNote team and product let me know. I can’t promise anything, but we always like to hear what folks want to see in future versions of the product.

I hope you healing well,


For your Key skills this week, we would like you to follow the link onto the post and comment on how OneNote has supported your learning in lessons and at home. Do you think it could be improved in any way? What changes would you like to see?

You never know, your suggestions could alter the way OneNote is developed in the future!! 

10 thoughts on “Literacy Key Skills – Microsoft Task

  1. I think on note has help people with disabilities and helped me with spelling.I think what wold be better if there was a short way to get on to no note.

  2. One note is really handy everyone has there one account so only the teacher and can see it. Furthermore other people can’t steal your ideas also the teacher can put homework on your page and once you’ve done it only the teacher can see it. I don’t think there is anything Microsoft can do to make it better.

  3. OneNote as been very useful in the classroom. On OneNote you can share you ideas on one little divise and it will go to everyone in your class. What’s been really useful on OneNote is that it’s not just something like word. You can acholy share you ideas. I don’t think there’s anything you can change about it.

    • And now on OneNote we have are own pages so only you can see it and also your teacher.
      So only you and your teacher could delete your page. There is also a page where everyone in your
      Class can see your work incase you want to share you ideas or something.

  4. One Note is a great website for children/adults to share their ideas. Someone deleted our work i don’t know when and now on One Note we have got our own private page so One Note is a really good website we can also do ouw homework on it or even do our litrecay on it like Indy and Jack do sometimes. I think that One Note is the best website in the universe for school’s and shoudn’t be changed.

  5. Well I think office 365 is a great new website and I am so glad we decided to use it. It is a simple website to log onto and you could do your homework or next step anywhere. It is also a good website because you have a private account that only you and the teachers can see. This means no one can delete your work, copy it, or write silly things on it. It is a great website that even injured people can use. For example it really helped Emily – Jane and her injured hand. It is one of the best websites to use in literacy but what would be amazing is if we could log in with someone else. For example when we log on we could put in two emails and passwords so that me and my friend Harvey can both work on the same device but the teacher knows we are working together. Apart from that I think it is the best website in the world. Thank you Microsoft, for helping us make a dent in the universe.

  6. Onenote has been a realy fantastic in the class. And the best thing about it is no one can
    delete are work.We have are own page and no one con look at what your doing. And it is
    a good way to still do your work if you have a broken hand. Haveing onenot is a good thing
    nothing should be changed! I think it should never ever be changed it is a good idea for us

  7. Office365 is a great way of doing your homework. Instead of doing your homework all on one page Office365 you have a account that does not let anyone use your account without the password. The
    other thing I like is that when you are doing your work nobody can come and delete it. The last thing
    that’s good about Office365 is that only in Collaboration you can share your ideas only in Collaboration. The thing that I think would make Office365 better is that if you invite someone to your page they can only purple pen there work !

    Thank you for reading my entry , Microsoft owners hope you reply soon

  8. onenote is awesome because it can help people acsess the internet that don’t have it at home and its great we can do something at school and carry it on when you get home and I didn’t really like onenote because people would delete my work and copy it but now we have office 365 and it is amazing! Moreover doing work in our books our wonderful teacher Miss Coade lets us go on onenote for a change and I hope it stays that way and ERAN AND YOUR MICROSOFT TEAM your are great at making apps for us to explore upon Microsoft and I hope to see your next project and will deffenitaley use it !!

    happily Signed by Millie Barbara Stevenson 🙂 😉

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