#WAKWHS2 – Launch week

Last week was a very eventful week at Simon de Senlis! There were a series of events to launch our topic ‘When a Knight won his Spurs – Part 2.’ Below are some pictures from throughout the week – which events stood out for you?

Your task is to either:

Choose one event and either write your personal feelings and thoughts on it (E.g. first person – I really enjoyed …. because….)


Write a description of the event (As I walked into the assembly, my heart began to pound as I could hear the royal music fill the air…)

8 thoughts on “#WAKWHS2 – Launch week

  1. I really enjoyed that day because, we expired what it would be like in midlevel times. And my favourite event in that day was when Lady Arabella was making an announcement and she got kidnaped! I liked that event in that day because it had lots of drama. Maybe you kidnaped her.

  2. My favourite part of the day was when we discovered the pottery that the archioligest found when he went digging for these things. He said that they would of been there for about 500 years. The reason this was my favourite part of the day was, because I was really intrigued about the pottery that they used back then at that time and how it was different to ours nowadays. The pottery that he found was mostly jugs or pat of tea pots. He said at the end he found all of these things under the toilets back in those times but he also said that it wasn’t bad digging there it was probelly one of the best places to dig.

  3. That banquet, It was no ordinary banquet, not the typical type of events. There was no clinking glasses, no singing traditional songs but a whole lot of mystery! As booming tones of laughter floated through the all of medieval courtiers, Lady Arabella glided to the entrance of the hall and stood in the middle of the door frame. She being to cough purposely. Suddenly the hall fell silent! She began clearing her throat, A loud bang convinced the people among her to glance the other way. All of a sudden: “AGH” a single scream travelled to our delicate ears! Vanished! she was gone. The crime hasn’t been solved yet. WHO TOOK THE LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. We were all normally eating our banquet or are lunch and Mr Rees stopped us half way through to say that the lovely Lady Arabella was going to give a speech. So the lovely Lady Arabella went by the door and she all greeted us. Suddenly a black figure grabbed her and everyone looked in shock. The hall fell in silence. Then everybody started talking about where she had vanished to. Sir Simon and Lady Arabella ‘s servant stood up in shock. What had happened to our Lady. She was talked about all day from SimonDeSenlis. Even though Lady Arabella was taken we all had to carry on with our day. Sir Simon has went on a quest to find Lady Arabella. The ship that he has went on is called The Industrious. They say that the Industrious has crashed near shore. I think according to the scroll that had washed up on the shore near Simon’s castle, that has gave a clue for sir Simon and his crew. I think that Lady Arabella is in a cave under the sand where Simon had crashed his ship. Lady Arabella apparently heard men wailing on the letter.

  5. My favourite part of day was when I saw all the people dressed up. Especially the teachers they all looked a bit weird. The man on stills looked huge I would love to try that but I fess it would be difficult. At the end of the day everyone was left in shock because Lady Arebella was taken nobody knows who did it

  6. I loved that day because we had a merry feast what was different and we also had a lot of drama, especially with lady Arrabela being stolen and simon setting off to find her.

  7. My favourite part of the day was when we feasted at the royal banquet and everybody had a smile on there faces. There was even a jester in the hall to entertain us, while we were eating. All of the royal folks, like Earl Rees, Simon and lady Arrabella were amused by the talent being held. All of a sudden the Earl Rees announced that the lady Arrabella was to make a speech in front of us, but everyone soon regreted it as she was captured!…

  8. I really enjoyed the start of the day because I didn’t know that everyone would be huddled around the entertainment. I joined in and saw a man on extremely high stilts! after that Earl Rees knighted Simon. when we went in everyone had to calm down before we could do anything. later in the day, when we were having the feast lady Arabella got stolen! after that in the afternoon we had an assembly discussing what might of happened to her.

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