Numeracy Key Skills – Miss Coade’s class

Today in Numeracy we completed several investigations involving digit cards. We even had a go at some SATs questions and Miss Coade was very impressed!

To continue with this theme, your key skills this week is to complete the task below. You can create your own digit cards or borrow some from school. Show me your answers in the comment box below. How many can you find? HINT- You will need to know what consecutive means. I’ll give you a clue: 5,6,7,8 are consecutive numbers. What do you notice about these?


Literacy Key Skills – Microsoft Task

Above is the link for the Microsoft blog at Simon de Senlis. You will find Emily-Jane’s recent post on how OneNote has helped her in the classroom. Since this was published, it has gone Global and reached the desk of Eran Megiddo, who is in charge of the OneNote creative team in America. She posted the following comment:

Hey there Emily-Jane, my name is Eran Megiddo and I am lead the team at Microsoft that develops OneNote. I stumbled across your post the other evening and really enjoy reading it. It always makes us happy to hear of how the products we build help people and especially students get things done.

If you have any feedback for the OneNote team and product let me know. I can’t promise anything, but we always like to hear what folks want to see in future versions of the product.

I hope you healing well,


For your Key skills this week, we would like you to follow the link onto the post and comment on how OneNote has supported your learning in lessons and at home. Do you think it could be improved in any way? What changes would you like to see?

You never know, your suggestions could alter the way OneNote is developed in the future!! 

Year 5 Bikeability Course

Your child has been given a letter today with the following information on the Bikeability dates/groups.

Groups 1 and 2

Groups 3 and 4 Groups 5 and 6
Tuesday  21st April 2015 Wednesday 22nd April 2015 Thursday 23rd April 2015
Tuesday 28th April 2015 Wednesday 29th April 2015 Thursday 30th April 2015
Tuesday 5th May 2015 Wednesday 6th May 2015 Thursday 7th May 2015
Tuesday 12th May 2015 Wednesday 13th May 2015

Thursday 14th May 2015

Please ensure that you have you have completed and returned the consent forms no later than Friday 27th March 2015.

Bikes will be safely stored on the school grounds during the days of the Bikeability sessions. If your child does not have a bike please make Mr Wainwright or Miss Coade aware of this.

#WAKWHS2 – Morning Blogging task

The last two weeks at Simon de Senlis have been packed full of excitement and activity as a result of  the whole school unit ‘When A Knight Won His Spurs’ (Part 2). The blogs, Twitter and Facebook feeds have almost exploded with the hashtag #WAKWHS2

Your task is to go onto three different class’ blogs and comment on posts linked to the unit. Visit the homepage and click on the links found there. 

Key Skills – Numeracy

As we have been looking at probability this week, your key skills is to carry out one of the following two activities and record your findings for us to discuss next week in class.

Activity 1

You are going to toss a coin in the air a total of 30 times. Every time the coin lands you are going to record whether you get a ‘head’ or a ‘tail’. Think carefully – if you are throwing it 30 times what is your denominator going to be?

Write H for ‘head’ and T for ‘tail’ in the comment box below. Can you write it as a fraction? Can you cancel any of the fractions down? (record the process e.g. 4/8 = 2/4 = 1/2)

How many times did you get a ‘head’ (H)?  _______________

How many times did you get a ‘tail’ (T)?    _______________

Activity 2

You are going to roll a dice a total of 30 times. Every time you roll you are going to record the score on the dice. Write the score you get each time in the comment box below. Think carefully – if you are throwing it 30 times what is your denominator going to be? Can you write it as a fraction? Can you cancel any of the fractions down? (record the process e.g. 4/8 = 2/4 = 1/2)

Number of 1s: __________              Number of 4s: ________

Number of 2s: __________             Number of 5s: ________

Number of 3s: __________             Number of 6s: ________

Key Skills – Literacy

I have just added the Key Skills for this week onto O365. Go onto the collaboration section and copy+paste the task into a new page on your own Homework section. Title it ‘Key Skills 13/3/15 – Sentence openers’ We will share these in Wednesday’s session. Remember if you don’t have access to it at home there is a homework club at lunchtime on Tuesday for you to attend

Miss Coade

Photography with Windows 8 Surfaces

This afternoon Year 5 visited the pod which has been transformed into a beach for our When A Knight Won his Spur (Part 2) unit.  The Windows 8 devices were used to capture different angles and crop the images to focus on particular details. Once we had returned to the classroom, we uploaded our photographs onto the Einstein OneNote. Over the next couple of weeks we will be watercolouring parts of these images to produce our final art outcome for the Simon de Senlis art gallery.


FullSizeRender (12)

#WAKWHS2 – Look what has just arrived!!!

This morning, we found the latest clue to Lady Arabella’s disappearance on the beach. It was her scarf! We looked closer and it was embellished with her initials. Does this definitely mean that she is on the island? We ideated and some children thought that it could have been planted there on purpose as a decoy or that it could have blown off as she was sailing by the island with her capturers. As we handled her personal possession closer, a piece of paper fell out. It was an entry from Lady Arabella’s journal! Using our inference and deduction skills we tried to gather information together which would help give us information as to where she was being held. Unfortunately part of it was missing but it did not stop us from speculating further…..

Possible ideas generated from the journal entry:

  • She is being held beneath the sand in a dark cave – surrounded by darkness and sand
  • Below the deck of a ship which attacked Industrious – could hear the waves and the screams from Industrious
  • Arabella was captured from the banquet and escorted to a ship. The ship shot a cannon through the bottom of Industrious causing it to sink. Then Arabella wrote in her journal in a pitch black maze on the beach. Simon is close but he doesn’t know it!
  • That this is a red herring – that the kidnapper has planted this fake journal entry along with Lady Arabella’s scarf to trick Simon and put him off the trail!!
  • That the missing piece to the scroll tells us exactly where she is being held prisoner.

What do you think has happened? What can you infer from the letter?


#WAKWHS2 – Year 5’s visit to the Seascape

Today year5 had a brilliant time exploring the ‘beach’ and collecting items that might lead us to the mysterious disappearance of Lady Arabella. We scurried along the sand’s collecting shells and oddly shaped bottles as we went along. Two items however lured our attention closer. A pearly white lamp with the candle missing and a solid gold coin with America’s trademark imprinted on it. We believe that these belonged to Arabella and were either purposely left or dropped by accident…

The shell’s that we found had a smooth edge with a rigged cover. Many of us could not resist placing the shell to our ears and to our delight the soothing sound of the sea rushed through our brains. An ancient treasure chest stood proud in the corner beckoning us to open it and exploit it’s treasures. As  our eyes darted across the scene it came to our senses that the sturdy boat and glossy brown pirates wheel must have belonged to the thief! A washed up and dried out anchor lay on the soft, warm and glistening sand indicating that it had been there for a short while.

This was a great afternoon and lead the children to many ideas and inspirational thoughts about their writing. What did you think about the afternoon? Write a comment below telling us your thoughts and opinion’s on the adventure!


#WAKWHS2 – Launch week

Last week was a very eventful week at Simon de Senlis! There were a series of events to launch our topic ‘When a Knight won his Spurs – Part 2.’ Below are some pictures from throughout the week – which events stood out for you?

Your task is to either:

Choose one event and either write your personal feelings and thoughts on it (E.g. first person – I really enjoyed …. because….)


Write a description of the event (As I walked into the assembly, my heart began to pound as I could hear the royal music fill the air…)