Key Skills Literacy Homework

As we embark on our new topic – ‘When A Knight Won His Spurs – Part 2′, our focus will be on adventure and all things Medieval!

To support your learning and written work, we would like you to research some Medieval vocabulary. What words did they have for things that we don’t use as much anymore?

Try to find at least 5 and post them on the blog…

Good luck!

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  1. I have found 5 medival words. My first word is ailet. It meant amour and chainmail. My second word is alure. It meant a walk way of a castle. My third word is caltrop. It meant a spiked device. My fourth word is doser. It meant a cloth on a chair. And my fith and final word is estoc. It meant a long deadly sharp sword that can cut chainmail.

  2. Advowson. It means the right of presontationt to a church dignty. Argent this means silver is heradry. Coif means a cap made of linen which covers the head, also a mail hood. Gorget this means a plate of armour protecting the throat and neck above the breast plate.

  3. I have found five medival words.My first word is Acre the meaning is the amount of land that can plough in a day.120 ws the average to mantain one family but this is varied depending on the land. My second word is aketon the meaning of this word is a padded and quilted garment, usually of linen worn under or instead plate or mail. My third word is advowson the meaning of the word is right of presentation to a church dignitary. My forth word is Ashlar smooth and flat mansonry block. My fifth and final word is angel the meaning of angel is English gold con worth 6/8 (6 shillings and 8 pence). Those are all the medival word that I found for my homework.

  4. Her are my five words. Aketon, meaning a padded and quilted garmet, usually linen worn under or instead of a plate or mail. Arquebus, meaning a tube with a one end and a touch hole. I will carry on soon.

  5. carry on from last comment

    Outland: A peasant’s land, similar to German ‘bauergeit’.
    Earl: The highest title attainable by an English nobleman who is not of royal blood.
    Marcher Lords: a name commonly given Norman land holders.

  6. The first word I found is alms this word means, penance imposed by a priest on a member of the nobility requiring payment of a sum of money to the benefit of the poor.
    Bailey: This word means, an enclosed courtyard.
    Coif: Coif is a cap made of linen which covers the head, also a mail hood.
    Dosser: A Dosser is a ornamental cloth on a chair.
    Estoc: This word means long, straight and sharp thrusting sword. First mentioned in the latter part of the fourteenth century and used for attacking the joints in plate armour.
    These are my five medieval words.

  7. I have found some medieval words and what they mean so hear they are. my first is advowson meaning right of presentation to a church dignitary. my second is argent which means silver in heraldry. my third one is different to the rest of mine so far and it is wardship and it means control of an estate by its landlord during the minority of an hier. And now comes my forth word vice wich is a spiral stirway. my fifth is tribute that means payment by a vassal to his lord usually to ensure protection. tis sixth is my final one the word is vassal. Vassal means a person holding land under feudal tenure.

  8. I have some medieval words. Ballista means a big engine much like a crossbow. My next word is barttering ram a ram used to break castle walls or doors.My next word is acre the amount of land which one team can plough in a day. My next word is ark is an wooden sea coffer. My next word is bern the space between a ditch and a wall. My last word is gardaobe is a toilet in a castle.

  9. Viking words

    1: Ale:Srong drink made from barly.
    2:Amber:Hardened tree sap, used to make jelwrey.
    3:Brooch:Ornement used to fasen clothing.
    4:Figurehead:Wood caved pice on the front of the ship.
    5:Stickle:Carved knife used for cutting grain stalks at harvest time.

  10. My five world are:
    Albion- poetic name for Britain or England.
    Arpent- Measure of land roughly equal to a modern acre.
    Cot- A simple shelter of cottage.
    Destrier- Warnorse (because a squire would lead the horse using his right hand.)
    Garth- Enelosed yard or garden

  11. I have found five medival words. My first word is ailette it means a little wing, a piece of leather or parchment.
    My 2nd word is arrowsmith it means a maker of arrowheads.
    My 3rd word is pannage it means a toll on imported cloth
    My 4th word is gambeson it means a heavy jacket
    And my last word is cobbler it means a repairer of footwear

    I chose my last word with the co because miss coade has a c o but i coudn’t find any a’s

  12. I have managed to find five words. My first word is vassal. These were local lords were local lords at the bottom of the lord ship hierarchy. They served superior lords in military position. My second word is chivalry. The knights used this term to symbolize brevity and loyalty when there enemies confronted them. My third word is Magna Carta . This document stipulated the relationship between the king and lower level lords. My fourth word is Burtardio . This was a tax imposed on the people by the state or local lords and is equivalent to a lief or rent. My fifth and final word is Abbey. This was a community of nuns and monks who lived in a monastery.

  13. 1. PRIVY (toilet) sentence: Harold needed the PRIVY!
    2. BELLYTIMER (food) sentence: KFC has good BELLYTIMER!
    3. MOAT(water around a castle) sentence: Crocodiles swim in my MOAT!
    4. COME HITHER MY LAD/LASS! (come here kid) sentence: you in the blue COME HITHER MY LAD.
    5. MAKE THY SIRRAH LEAVE! (Get lost bud) sentence: that’s it MAKE THE SIRRAH LEAVE

    First of all this is a good website to help you out!

    I managed to find five words. The first word is acre. Now this is a word that we still use now [builders especially], it means space or ‘wide area’ of land.

    My next word is blazon. Now this might sound like a tasty dressing but it is the complete opposite this word was used when addressing someone will get a royal beating. ‘ You are in for a right blazon!’.

    My third world is childwite. This word sounds odd but means a man who has been paid money to visit somewhere and flirts with the ladies in the establishment.

    My fourth word is demesne. This word means a great manor house with adjoining land. This would be property of a lord or a king.

    My final word is Estoc. This word means a sharp an clear sword. This was said to slice straight through armour and kill enemy folk in one slice.

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