Making A Dent In The Universe – One Way Trip To Mars

Happy Half Term Einstein Class!

I hope that you are having a relaxing break. I have just seen the following video of the Mars One project which will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Crews of four will leave Earth every two years, starting in 2024, with the first unmanned mission being launched in 2018.

Over the last year, people from around the world have been submitting applications to nominate themselves to be part of the project. If chosen, they will be launched into space and will live out the rest of their life on Mars. However this also means that they will never have the opportunity to return back to Earth. What a way to make a dent in the Universe!

Is this something you could do? Tell me your views below. If you did go, what would you miss about life at home the most? The selection process has got down to the last 100 with five of them from the UK. Visit for more information on this historical event


22 thoughts on “Making A Dent In The Universe – One Way Trip To Mars

  1. I would make a dent in the universe by ending war and creating peace and happiness world wide. To many people suffer at war and this could be changed by discussing and being formal. This could perhaps lead to peace and the extinction of war!

  2. would be better if we could reach Uranus because it is near pluto but mars I would not care really except from hoping to know if aliens exsist and getting a artefact

  3. I would miss my family because they were the people that gave me life and also I would miss breathing fresh air. If I left earth for a life on mars I would be leaving behind my life and I wouldn’t like that.

  4. If I went to mars I would miss my family so much I would take a photo of them so I remember them. they gave me life so I could see the world and I love them with all my heart so I would never want to leave them and my life would be ruined

  5. I would miss my family, because they took care of me when I was born.My mum gave me air to breathe, my dad took care of me when my mum went shopping.

  6. I would miss my family and the times we spent together and waking up with no one to speak with it would by really lonely. I could not live without air unless I had a tank to breath I just could not do it. And I could not sleep on a rocky floor.

  7. I would make a dent in the universe by being a famous dancer and creating my own style like Michael Jordan. Then I would tour the world and surprise my friends and fans. The friends I would tour the world with are Joy, Emily-Jane, Harvey, Tom, Kieran, Isaiah and Myles. My duet will be Joy.

  8. If I went to Mars I would mostly miss my family and my dog.
    However, I would take with me my teddy bear because if we left quite late then if it was night I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep.
    Thinking about it, I would also take my phone so if we make it me and my family can celebrate.

  9. I would miss my every day life and my family. I would not be able to live without seeing my family every day. I would not be able to carry a tank on my back every single minuet of every single day. Also you don’t know what is out there lurking around on this unknown planet that no one has ever been to. Thinking about it were would sleep on this planet what do you think would be lurking around at night

  10. it would not only be my family or breathing oxegen that would be holding me back it would also be my life, my life is the most important thing to me that comes after friends, oxegen and family if I left my life I don’t know what I would be living for.

  11. I would miss my family and being able to breath oxygen without a gas tank on my bank. I spouse it would be fun there and there would be no such thing as fighting with my sisters in mars. I would miss everyone that I grew up with. On the bright side I would be able to fly and I would not be able to do it on earth. I would miss my technology. I would miss dancing and doing shows. It would be hard thinking that when I go their I might not be able to see my family again.

  12. I would miss the world evolving and all the new technology that could be made while I am on mars. I would miss my family more than anything that I could leave behind. Even thou I would have the chance to become famous by going to mars I would stay at home on earth with my family because they mean every thing to me.

  13. I WOULD MISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. my family obviously
    2.My dog because I couldn’t take him with me mates food cause I don’t want to be eating alien eggs
    5.I would miss my bed cause I wouldn’t want to sleep on moon rocks
    6. I would miss my life because someone I loved could of died and I wouldn’t have had a chance to say bye
    but why would you want to go to mars are people turning CRAZY!! I know for sure I am never going to mars EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I would miss my family because they are very supporting .Also there would be no school so everything would be a bit dull! Also I would miss my daily TV shows.[Worst thing ever!]However it would be pretty cool to fly!

  15. If I was chosen to go Mars, I would miss… My family because they are always there for me. My friends because make me laugh and giggle. Kfc it is just so yummy. And technology I can`t live without it. Although Mars would be fun I would like to be at earth.


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