Back to the Future with technology

Back to the Future.

 The plot of Part II picks up where the original film left off. After repairing the damage to history done by his previous time travel adventures, Marty McFly and his friend Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown travel to 2015 to prevent McFly’s future son from ending up in jail.

Despite predicting inventions which are yet to make an appearance in stores, such as hover boots and boards, the film did feature a number of correct predictions of what 2015 would look like. These include flat panel television sets mounted on walls, the ability to watch six channels at once, Internet video chat systems such as Skype, head-mounted displays, and automated fueling systems. The film also correctly predicted a future where video games do not need hands (Microsoft Kinect) or, at the very least, do not need traditional controllers (Wii Remote).

 For your blogging task this week, we want you to imagine what technology is going to look like in 10 years time. You do not need to think of new inventions but consider what devices are around at the moment and make suggestions on how to improve them! (Hover boards are banned as they have already been thought of) – Self lacing trainers to be launched in 2015

19 thoughts on “Back to the Future with technology

  1. 10 years from now I predict that we would all have endless water bottles so our bottles would never run out. I think it would be amazing if we had silent vacuum cleaners. I predict that shoes could make you fly when you jump. I predict that we will have helmets that make us very clever . I predict that since people will invent a cure to every sickness their is including death. I predict that their would be endless bottle water.

  2. I predict in 10 years, that there will be flying cars. And if you get a hole in your shoe it fixes it self. There would be none stop water in your water bottle. When you finish your food on your plate it refills in a second. Potions that can make you run as fast as lightning. I also predict that there will be an endless bottom in the sea.

  3. In the future instead of radiators to be Ice radiators so in the summer if you are hot you would turn on the Ice radiator and you would cool down. Instead of radio and shoes there could be radio shoes that when you tap them you would hear the radio beating and instead of a, a football that when you kick it it will send you to another planet.

  4. In the future I want there to be instead of tablets 3D astral projected keyboards or maybe even astral projected TV’s in 10 years time I want there to be trains that can teleport to different contry’s.

  5. I predict that in 10 years time there will be TV’s as thin as paper, because if you look at your TV right now I bet it is quite big and thick.
    I also think that there will be 5 or 6D at the cinema for our version of 3D at the minute, with 5 or 6D you would actually be able to taste, smell, hear and feel the effects.
    Clothes won’t get dirty so no body will have to use a washing machine and they won’t need to be used on some types of materials.
    Dogs will have automatic leads so their owner didn’t have to always take them out for a walk.
    Robots will be created to do peoples driving test (to show people how fast they were driving.
    And when you have gravy for dinner it will be served on a little train track on top of a train, followed by a smoothie candelabra that serves anything that you ask it to serve.

  6. In 10 years time there would be teleporting shoes where every you want to go with out walking.
    Also in 10 years time there would be remote controls that bring your food and drinks from the one room to anther. I also think there would be cars that transform in to flying cars and hopefully we would get a an iron cover and when you press a button a pool would a peer. Also I think there would be a clothing mashen that would change your clothing in what ever you want to were. there would be n invisble TV.

  7. In ten years from now I predict the IPhone 100 will be here and it will have holographic pictures to view the person you are calling.
    Also a water bottle made of glass.
    A flat TV that will automatically turn on.
    A voice control Xbox
    A machine that makes your dinner you request.
    Finally I predict that I will be a talented well known popstar

  8. I predict that in ten years we will have the same sort of look to our planet and we will have high tech TV’s and that prices will drop a little and that we will have wrist bands as watches that expand into holographic screens as personal music etc. We will also have high tech cars that look like they’re from the future and have high tech practically everything electric. We will have self tying shoes and phones that are made out of glass an can. Dogs and cats will be more loyal and computers might be ale to type your thoughts and will go to the most reliable site. We would all be taught at home.

  9. I predict in ten years there will be TV`s that are super hd and will come out around you so you fell like you are in the movie. there will also be more cars that sometimes drive by itself. Also there could be tables that are computers and while your eating you can do your work on it. Cars can hover above the ground like a hover craft. Adding on more the cars can go faster and are more controlled. We can also create a stint bike that is voice controlled and if you say a stunt it can automatically do the trick when you want it to do.

  10. In 10 years time I think that you will be able to text your phone and the kettle or juice machine in your house will make you a drink even if you are on your way home. I also think that there will be holographic phones.

  11. I predict in 10 years time we will have talking DS’S! You wouldn’t have to touch anything and you will be able you give commands from far away! So gaming is never far away!

  12. I predict that in 10 years that there will be never ending phone batteries and you will be able to where gravity shoes that you will be able to walk on walls, ceilings . Also I think that you will have a little ring that you just say ring and what you say it will do it, and last but not least you will you have a little box that you pull a little string and it turns into a jetpack.

  13. In 10 years from now I belive that there will be hover boards. I predict that you will be able to pull a lever and things will be able to teleport.

  14. I predict in 10 years from now we would have pens that can write what you want on paper. You would tell it what you want it to write or draw. It never makes a mistake or leaves out a single detail. It doesn’t break it is the best pen in the world. It can write or draw in any colour you want. You just tell it what colour you want. You can even have glitter.

  15. In the future there will be robotic strap up Jordans that do up by them self and let you fly, do mega jumps and be invisible. there will also be square small box that attaches to your belt and when someone rings you, you press a button and a holographic version will appear infront of you. Then you can talk and do actions that the person who is ringing you will hear and see. Then there will also be glowing, shining, blood red shades that have x-ray vision that lets you see through walls and it lets you see peoples bones. There will also be everlasting batteries that never run out and bikes that float in the air.

  16. In the future there will be a robot that will do everything that you asks it ( It’s actullay like a servant and it is a servant ) . There will also be a Wizard that will make spells for you ( everyone has their very own wizard. ) There wil also be a telephonhe that you can play on and it has to be like a laptop or computer and you can call say what to do to the telephone and the telephonhe will do eveything you ask it to e.g Download Subay Surfers but only if it’s free There will also be a TV that will let you watch your favorite TV programs just like the telephonhe .There will also be batteries that will never ever run out . There will also be a chair that you can relax on ( Jipee they are allready out ! ps : i haven’t got one if you were wondering. )

  17. I think there will be a ‘SPECIAL MINTS’ that have country name on it and you go to Siborg-sons (Morrison’s but with tecnolegy like robots, walking shopping list that collects your shopping) and put it in a pot and tickets to the country comes out the other side!
    I think there could be a pen that does your homework for you if you spin it then let go!
    Apart from that I don’t think anything else would be different ! 🙂

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