WW2/Literacy Key Skills – Due Wednesday 8th October 2014

For homework this week we would like you to try and find a WW2 memorial in your local area. There are examples found in villages and within the town centre. Study it carefully. What does it say on it? What is it showing? How does it make you feel looking at it? Take a photo to share with the class next week. If you can’t find an example, try looking on the internet.

Hint: There is one in London!

Due in: Wednesday 8th October 2014


Lets find out! – WW2

In Year 5 this afternoon we started looking at WW2 and some of its causes. Below is the speech made by Neville Chamberlain which informed the British public that Britain had joined the war. How does it make you feel when you listen to it?

We also looked at the other countries that were involved and grouped them into allies, axis and neutrals. We then transferred this onto a map. The second video shows how this changed every day over the six years – make sure you watch the whole video! What can you tell me about what you notice?