Flooding of Far Cotton in 1998

Today we had some very special visitors from the Far Cotton History Group to talk to us about the floods of 1998 and 1939. They brought some newspaper articles and photos of the events. It was frightening to see how deep the water was! In some photos it shows the levels at shoulder height! Because Far Cotton is at the bottom of a hill it means that it is prone to flooding. However in recent years flood defences have been put into place to avoid this from happening in the future.

Yesterday we thought carefully about the different questions we could ask and devised lots of open ended questions (questions which require a detailed answer and not just a yes or a no!) They told us about the night of the flooding and that no one was prepared for it. Because it was at night and the water had cut off all the electricity, people had to use candle light, torches and matches to see where they were going. It also meant that the sewers flooded and the smell was awful! People had to be rescued by boats and the fire brigade tried to pump as much water as they could. Local churches were used for shelter and the Red Cross provided blankets and food for thousands of people who had lost their homes.

Over the next week we will be going on a school trip to the area which was flooded. We will also be using our notes to write a recount in Literacy from the perspective of someone who was involved in the floods.


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