Rivers opening WOW!

For our topic this term we have been learning all about rivers and it has been great fun so far! On Friday 5th September for Creative Curriculum, the whole of Year 5 got together. We had to get into groups of 5 or 6 and were challenged to complete several tasks involving water. The equipment we used included: guttering, pipes, containers, jugs (which was used to fill the water up) and a metre stick.

The first challenge was to make a prototype of a river which would carry water from the jug into the container. Many of us found that we spilt quite a lot of water the first time we tried it. This was because the pipes weren’t connected or in line. WE FAILED! (but it is okay because Mr Rees said that we can learn from our fails – and we did!) The second problem was that our pipes were in a straight horizontal line. Rivers flow from the source in the mountain tops downhill to the mouth (which is the sea) Our models needed to show this. Here are some pictures.

The second challenge was for us to try and transport the water the furthest. For this, we had to line the guttering up and tilt it slightly. Water was then poured at the start and we had to rotate pieces for as far as we could. The final challenge was to do this as a whole year group! We started at the green gates on the playground and managed to water the flower outside Year 4! Wow what fantastic team work! We did it twice and spilt a lot less water this time 🙂



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