What a week!

What a busy week!

First a performance at the NMPAT dance festival on Wednesday night – where I was an extremely proud teacher. What a superb performance. Then a day trip to Everdon for a river study. A great day was had by all in the sunshine and I apologise for the wet clothing – especially the socks!

I would just like to say a huge thank you to parents. You have made sure that the children have been on time, wearing the correct clothing and have had with them everything that they need. It has helped to make a very busy week run very smoothly.

Have a lovely weekend with lots of rest.

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Super peer assessing.

Well done Einstein class. Brilliant peer assessment of partners work today. Some great advice was being given.

“I don’t think this sentence makes sense – do you want to change it?”

“I think you could use a better conjunction. What about moreover?”

“I think there should be some commas in this sentence. Where do you think they should go?”

“I’ll help you with your spelling.”

“You’ve missed a capital letter.”

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Let’s get reading!

How many books have you got left to read from the year 5 book list?

Congratulations to those children who have read all 15 books. However, as a year group we need to get cracking – there is only one more term of year 5 left! There is a prize for the year group with the most children who have completed the challenge – so let’s get reading.

If you have already completed the challenge please remember to bring your completed sheet to me.

Happy reading!

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Deconstructing Daffodils

It is the first week back and the sun is shining, so what a perfect time for Einstein to start their new science topic ‘Living Things and their Habitats’.

A hands-on lesson of deconstructing Daffodils and going on a natural walk around the school grounds. Einstien located the different parts of their own plant as well as asking scientific questions to support their learning. Our nature walk was short and sweet but in the heat, it was the perfect time to find local habitats of animals that reside at SDS.

I hope Einstien look forward to more hands-on science lessons for the Summer term.

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The year 5 children were invited to year 3 today to help the children evaluate their moving monsters. Then we invited the year 3 children into our classroom to look at our Viking museum. It was lovely to see the children share their work and talk about what they had created with such pride.

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Einstein Viking museum.

The children in Einstein class have been busy creating Viking artefacts from clay. They labelled their artefact giving the audience a little more information.

A lovely afternoon was had by all.

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A group of children from Einstein went to Ecton Brook primary school today to become Scientists. They made ice-cream; extracted their DNA and discovered how to see the germs living on their hands!

They had a great time and returned to school buzzing with excitement.

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World Book Day

Einstein class had a visit this morning from the year one children of Matilda class. They were paired up and shared a book together. Well done year 5 – you read to your partner, talked about the pictures, discussed the story and explained what some of the words meant. It was lovely to see you working so well with the younger children.

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Add Me

This morning some pupils from Rushden Academy performed ‘Add Me’ to years 5 and 6. The performance highlighted the dangers of friending someone online that they have never met, even if they consider them a friend.

The performance was brilliant and the children from Einstein class left the hall buzzing with excitement. They especially enjoyed the online language and hand signals that were used in the performance  – like, ignore, status update, profile, selfies etc. It was a very important message – delivered in an engaging and relevant way by teenagers.
Some comments from the children of Einstein class:

“I learnt that a girl or boy’s profile isn’t always true.”

“I learnt that a person on the internet can pretend to be whoever they want to be.”

“It’s easy to find out about people online and then trick them – scary!”

After discussing online safety with the children after the performance, so many of them told me that they had blocked people that they didn’t know and told parents if a stranger had contacted them. Well done Einstein class – you are making the right decisions about keeping safe online. Keep it up!

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Commonly Confused Words

Image result for spelling


In response to requests from some parents about the year 5 commonly confused words, please find the list below. These were the homophones that the children were tested on this term.


draw, drawer, cereal, serial, precede, proceed, affect, effect, story, storey, aloud, allowed, alter, altar, herd, heard, altogether, all together, accept, except.


Please note that the year 5/6 words are in the back of the childrens grey reading record.

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