Year 5 key skills

This week for maths key skills the children have been asked to practice their times tables. Click on one of the links below to play some times tables activities.

Write in your key skills books which games you have played and which times tables you have been learning. Remember Einstein class that it is Torture Tables on Mondays and you get a dojo if you can beat your highest score …. so keep learning!


Year 5 visitor

Year 5 had a special visitor this afternoon. He told the children all about his experiences as a Jewish child in Germany before WW2, and explained that he left Germany in 1938 as part of the kinder transport movement. He was sent to Northampton, where he lived with four different families in the years that followed, before marrying and starting his own family. The children listened really well and asked some great questions.

img_42271 img_42261 img_42251 img_42241

These are some of the statements that the children made after the visit.

“I thought that evacuee children only lived with one family during the war. I didn’t realise that they could live with different families.” (Lucy)

“I didn’t realise that Jewish families were treated so badly.” (Casey)

“I didn’t know that children from different countries had the opportunity to come to England to be safe.” (Cirran)

“I can’t believe that 10,000 children left Germany for a better life, that’s a lot.” (Issy-Mae)

“I didn’t realise that after the war Germany was split into two by a wall.” (David)

“I didn’t realise that stormtroopers were real soldiers in Germany.” (Ellie)


Well done year 5s, you showed manners and respect to our very special visitor today.


The children looked fantastic today, dressed up as evacuees.

We had a brilliant day at Holdenby House where the children learnt about gas masks, shelters, food and clothes rationing and sang some wartime songs.

They helped to make a Woolton Pie, made rag rugs, held an incendiary bomb and learnt the words to the National Anthem.

img_41081 img_41311 img_41321 img_41351 img_41361 img_41401 img_41471 img_41511 img_41531 img_41551

Literacy key skills.

For the Literacy key skills this week the children have to write a poem entitled ‘Once Upon a Dream.’ The children can then enter a competition to win a prize and get their poem published.

Use the sheet supplied to plan and write the poem and if additional paper is needed, write it on an additional sheet and attach it to the printed sheet.

I’m looking forward to reading all of the poems and seeing what language features the children have applied. We have been learning: personification, metaphor, simile, alliteration, repetition and rhyme.

Remember – key skills are due in on Wednesday.

Good luck.

img_40821 img_40831

A great first week in Einstein class.

The children have impressed me in their first week in year 5.

  • All key skills were completed and we shared Einstein’s and Dyson’s home learning.
  • Super growth mindset demonstrated by the children. One child reported,“I am finding it a bit challenging but I won’t give up.”
  • Great enthusiasm for our first topic of ‘Rivers’.
  • Fantastic curious learners in Science, where we are learning about the water cycle, where lots of thoughtful questions were asked.

Looking forward to the next week.

Don’t forget that reading records and key skills need to be handed in on Wednesday. At least 3 reading events need to be recorded and there is a key skills club, in the classroom, on Tuesday lunchtime for anyone who needs help.




E-Safety week

Another great e-safety week at Simon de Senlis. The children have been telling me what they have learnt this week and what they have done to keep themselves safe. It was also great to hear that the children have had discussions with their parents too after both attending e-safety workshops. Great work Einstein class, I am proud that you have such a positive and safe attitude to the internet.


Here are a couple of our own digital footprints that we are creating this week.

callum Chloe

Can you guess who they belong to?

What an exciting day!


What is it?

Where did it come from?

What is it doing in our playing field?

Lots of discussion when we got back into class…

It has come from a far off galaxy; it ran out of fuel; It was coming to investigate our planet.

Could there be more spaceships on the way? Had it a driver? Apparently some of year 5 children saw a green man running away through the trees…